Feed Strategy Conference: Feeding Poultry To Meet Evolving Consumer Demands
Date: Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019
Time: 8 a.m. - noon
Location: IPPE 2019 • Atlanta, GA
Cost: $150 Early Fee/$175 On-Site Fee

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Evolving consumer preferences - and an increasing interest in the farm-to-fork origins of animal protein production - have trickled down to influence how animal feed is formulated and produced. The Feed Strategy Conference, co-located with IPPE 2019, aims to assist in providing animal feed stakeholders the tools they need to maintain productivity and profitability in a changing production landscape.

The half-day event will examine the role feed plays in building consumer confidence now and into the future. From traceability to successful antibiotic-free production, if you're working in poultry or feed production, you will not want to miss this forum for knowledge exchange.

Current Agenda - Subject to change.

  • 2019 poultry and feed outlook
    A glimpse into shifts in consumer behavior and food consumption and how those trends are shaping today's poultry and feed production.
  • Consumer protein consumption trends<
    Discussion and analysis of how consumer tastes are evolving, the economics of "least cost" protein and how much market share can really be lost to meat alternatives.
  • How traceability can build consumer trust in the farm-to-feed-to-fork supply chain
    A look at how blockchain technology could revolutionize feed production and offer consumers a glimpse of what their food eats.
  • Nutritional considerations for antibiotic-free production
    Examination of best practice diet formulations geared to meet the needs and challenges of antibiotic-free poultry production while improving efficiencies
  • Panel: How consumer trends are impacting poultry feed production?
    Poultry industry professionals and feed producers address the practical aspects of how poultry feeding has changed to meet evolving consumer demands on production.