Planning for a Safe, In-Person 2022 IPPE

The International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) is implementing increased safety and health protocols for all participants, vendors, staff and contractors. These protocols will be in force January 24-27 at the state-owned Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) only, where all official IPPE functions will take place.
GWCC was the first convention center in the United States to achieve the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR™ accreditation for cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention. To achieve GBAC STAR™ accreditation, the GWCC demonstrated compliance with the program's 20 elements, ranging from standard operating procedures and risk assessment strategies to personal protective equipment and emergency preparedness and response measures.
IPPE is committed to mitigating risk and will be working together with you, our exhibitors, partners and vendors to follow precautions governing safe business conduct. IPPE has on staff a GBAC Star™ trained technician to aid in this effort. Our safety and health plan has been developed to reflect industry best practices and reflects consultation with both the Georgia Department of Public Health and an epidemiological modeling firm, and we are continuously monitoring guidance from the CDC.
Please be aware that all international attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination and a negative test result 24 hours prior to entering the U.S. Participants are encouraged to check their country and airline requirements for outgoing and returning flights.
This program outlines IPPE's methods to produce a safe event, and the following are safety initiatives that will be incorporated for the 2022 IPPE. All attendees will receive a final confirmation one week prior to the start of IPPE that will include the current safety & health protocols. Please note that the safety initiatives may change as public health authorities make new recommendations on protocols.
  • Recommend participants be fully vaccinated
  • Recommend masks for all participants
  • Reaffirming that anyone exhibiting COVID-like symptoms (fever, coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, nausea, diarrhea) should not attend IPPE
  • Providing for additional cleaning and disinfection of all public spaces, restrooms and high-touch building areas
  • Providing hand sanitizer stations made available throughout the facility and exhibit floor
  • Placing disinfecting footbaths at main entrances prior to entering exhibit floor
  • Encouraging physical distancing measures where appropriate
  • Encouraging anyone who develops COVID-like symptoms while at GWCC to report to the nearest first aid station for assistance; each station has a temporary quarantine area
  • Providing onsite COVID rapid testing for visitors traveling to countries requiring negative COVID-19 results for entry (test results typically provided in 30 minutes or less, attendee pays the testing cost)
  • Requiring attendees who test positive to surrender their IPPE entry badge and immediately leave the premises

Onsite Safety Measures

Public health guidance on mitigating the transmission of COVID-19 continues to evolve, and IPPE will base its onsite protocols on the latest guidance from the CDC and Georgia Department of Public Health. IPPE will maintain communications with the Georgia Department of Public Health as appropriate during the event.

Physical Distancing

Attendees are encouraged to maintain appropriate physical distance from each other when practical. Meeting rooms will be set up with a designated area where chair placement will allow for social distancing to accommodate attendees.


GWCC staff will clean all high volume and high touch areas on an increased frequency to promote healthy sanitation overall.


Air handling and circulation is continuously monitored by GWCC HVAC technicians to ensure optimum and safe airflow. Each of GWCC's buildings have been upgraded to MERV 13 filters (Filtration / Disinfection (, which trap smaller particles and improve the system's efficacy in removing viruses from circulated air.

Touchless Registration

IPPE aims to minimize lines and entry transactions. Visitors are encouraged to register online before the show enabling barcode scanning and contactless entry. Many attendees and exhibitors opted to pre-register prior to the deadline and have their badges mailed to their home location, thus eliminating the need for standing in queues. Once onsite, visitors are still encouraged to register online using QR codes that will direct their phone browser to registration. Registration and customer service areas will have a partition between visitors and staff. Onsite registration will be touchless, with registration specialists available to assist, to minimize exposure to contact surfaces.

Mask Usage

The wearing of protective masks is recommended for all attendees and exhibitors. IPPE staff and contractors will be masked at GWCC. Most Atlanta area hotels and restaurants require mask usage in public areas. Attendees will be able to pick up a disposable mask at GWCC.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing will be available for travelers who must show proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test to board their return flight and for attendees who require or desire a test. Testing will be performed by Safe Expo, which will provide the convenience of testing and results without leaving IPPE. Safe Expo will ensure they have the required testing kits needed for your travel, and Safe Expo maintains a database of updated testing requirements for all countries. Prescheduling of an appointment is strongly encouraged and will reduce wait time and paperwork onsite. Click here to enter the testing portal and complete the registration process. Walk-ups will be accommodated as scheduling permits. Safe Expo requires masks to be worn inside the testing area.

Tests Offered

  • Rapid Antigen Test (US$50 with results in 15 minutes)
  • Rapid LAMP Molecular NAAT (US$150 with results in 30 minutes)
  • Rapid RT-PCR (US$200 with results in 30 minutes)

A licensed medical professional will conduct tests, and results will be emailed directly to the individual using an encrypted and password-protected server.

Attendees testing positive for COVID-19 must cease participation in all IPPE events. Individuals who test positive should consult the Georgia Department of Public Health self-isolation and travel guidelines. (

IPPE COVID-19 Testing Center Location:

  • GWCC Room A-411 & A-412, Building A, Level 4

Testing Center Hours
Tuesday, January 25, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday, January 26, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thursday, January 27, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

First Aid Services:

IPPE will continue to provide trained first-aid services for exhibitors, attendees and other personnel working during set-up, exposition and dismantling operations. If, while on GWCC grounds, you become COVID-symptomatic, IPPE management asks that you immediately proceed to one of the first aid locations below:


For the convenience of all concerned, the first aid stations are located in the following areas:
  • Building B: Concourse level 4, room B-410 (Show days only)
  • Building B: B2/B3 show hall level entrance lobby
  • BC Connector Bridge at exhibitor service desks (move-in and move-out days only)
  • Building C: C1/C2 show hall entrance lobby

First aid will be maintained Wednesday, January 19, through Saturday, January 29, 2022.

Onsite Quarantine

IPPE will offer temporary quarantine rooms to assist onsite attendees who receive a positive test and are awaiting additional testing and results. Onsite attendees confirmed as positive must surrender their IPPE attendance badge and will be asked to leave the GWCC.

Useful Links

  • Georgia Department of Public Health: Information on health and safety protocols for Georgia
  • Georgia World Congress Center: Information on health and safety procedures for events hosted in GWCC in Atlanta, GA
  • Atlanta: Timely updates and information on health and safety procedures when traveling to Atlanta, GA
  • Hotel Information: IPPE encourages attendees to visit their hotel's website or connect with a hotel representative for the most up-to-date health and safety information for individual hotels.

Before the Show

During the Show

Trusted Authorities

COVID-19 Testing Sites