Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2024 | Atlanta, Georgia USA
Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW


TECHTalks Overview

TECHTalks presentations are designed to provide exhibiting companies with additional opportunities for dialogue and discussion with their customers and IPPE attendees about specific, individual topics. Technical, non-sales session descriptions are submitted by exhibiting suppliers, reviewed by IPPE organizers and technical staff, and presented by scientific and technical experts from the exhibiting companies. Presentations are selected on technical merit and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Exhibiting companies will be allowed a maximum of two TECHTalk presentations. Show management reserves the right to schedule presentation times and assign locations at its discretion.

Presentations will be scheduled during IPPE show hours beginning Tuesday, January 30, and continuing through Thursday, February 1, 2024. Presentations, including scientific data to support hypothesis or conclusions, are given preference by the review committee. Animal Feed will be in an A-Hall Theater. Live Production, Egg Production, Genetics, Incubation, Animal Health, Meat & Poultry Processing/Packaging, Rendering, Worker Safety, and Food Safety will be assigned to two Theaters, one in the B-Hall Theater and one the C-Hall Theater.

Presentations conducted in Spanish by exhibitors will be selected in 2024 based on technical merit and will be scheduled in one of the three theaters by show management.

A PDF version of the guidelines/application is available as here.

Direct your questions to Alison Swanger, Matt Spencer at mspencer@uspoultry.org or 678.514.1982. Thank you in advance for your important contribution to the education program at the IPPE. See you in Atlanta!

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TECHTalks Categories

    Session descriptions will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Poultry/Livestock Production Technology
    Presentations should cover how new technology can be utilized in livestock and poultry production. Presentations can address the need for new system development in response to changing regulations or consumer preferences concerning animal production.
  • Food Safety Interventions and Ingredients
    Presentations should cover new technologies associated with food safety, including ingredients, intervention, and validation technologies.
  • Recent Analytical Methods for Pathogens
    Presentations should cover new analytical methods that increase the selectivity or sensitivity of diagnostic methods for biological, chemical, or physical hazards. Presentations may also cover the statistical confidence associated with the sampling and testing schemes and the use of statistical process control to evaluate trends in results
  • Animal Feed Technology
    Presentations should cover how new technology for animal food manufacturing and innovative nutritional programs can be utilized to improve feed efficiency for livestock and poultry.
  • Application of Sanitary Design Principles for Meat & Poultry Processing Equipment and Facilities
    Presentations should demonstrate how improved designs of equipment or facilities meet sanitary design principles.
  • Packaging Technologies
    Presentations should address innovation and improvement in packaging for meat and poultry products and animal food products, including packaging materials and/or processes.
  • Information Technology Collection
    Presentations should clearly demonstrate how specific technologies have been used to improve production efficiencies, traceability and collect and analyze data.
  • Sustainability/Energy
    Presentations should clearly demonstrate how specific research or new technologies will address sustainability initiatives -- enhancing worker safety, reducing energy use (practices), improving natural resource conservation, utilizing renewable energy sources, and/or reusing or recycling resources.
  • Robotics
    Presentations should clearly demonstrate new robotic technologies which are integrated into the protein and feed industries to enhance worker safety, improve production efficiencies, reduce labor, and improve animal welfare. These technologies can range from semiautomatic to fully automatic robots.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Presentations should clearly demonstrate artificial intelligence is integrated into the protein and feed industries to enhance worker safety, improve production efficiencies, reduce labor, and improve animal welfare.
  • Note: Other topics outside of this scope will also be considered but should focus on the technical merit of new or improved technologies or services.

Submission Guidelines

    These guidelines help you prepare for and conduct a successful presentation. If you have questions or special needs, please contact Matt Spencer at mspencer@uspoultry.org or 678.514.1982.

  • TECHTalks uses a rolling admission process, reviewing applications between September and November. It is possible that the program will become full before the November deadline, so you are encouraged to apply early.
  • The session description should be 1-2 pages and include the title, objectives and a description of your presentation.

Presentation Guidelines

  • Presentations are designed to provide exhibiting companies and their customers with an additional opportunity for education about specific technical or operations topics. These sessions are not designed for sales presentations. Take care to limit your sales efforts to your booth on the exhibit floor.
  • Each presentation is limited to 20 minutes. You will be given a specific time for your presentation and must keep your remarks to the time allotted. You will receive a two-minute warning and gentle reminder that your time is up.
  • Your 20 minutes may include questions and answers, but we recommend that you invite people with further interest and questions to see you at your booth.
  • All final presentations must be developed in PowerPoint only and submitted to show management by Tuesday, January 2, 2024 11:59:00 PM EST.
  • The presentations will occur in one of the three TECHTalks Theaters on the exhibit floor in a space equipped with a podium, microphone, LCD projector, and screen. A laptop computer with all the day's presentations will be available. However, please plan to bring your own laptop and a disk with your presentation as a backup.
  • The TECHTalks schedule will be included in the pocket program, printed show guide, mobile app and IPPE online website. However, it is strongly encouraged that you promote your presentation as well. The listing will include the title of the presentation and the exhibiting company name.
  • You may provide copies of your session description for the audience. We recommend that you bring 40 copies.
  • Upon request, the presenting companies will be provided contact information for those who attend the presentation during their allotted time. The contact information includes name, title, company, and email address collected through the badge registration process. Audience members will have their badges scanned as they enter the TECHTalks area.
  • Although we will not have an indication of the number of attendees, keep in mind that there are many choices for the attendees. Don't be disappointed if your audience has only a few participants. The people who come are very interested in your specific topic. You are encouraged to invite key current and potential customers to your presentation. IPPE will not record or live stream these presentations but exhibiting companies may choose to do so with their own provided video or streaming technology.
  • Use your limited time wisely. See people in your booth after the presentations and set up times to meet, answer questions, arrange for demonstrations, etc. Tell the audience what you did, give the results, and then cover how this might be helpful to them.